Pressure ridges and hutt point

Posted On December 19, 2009

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its been a while since i posted. everything is going pretty good. not much is happening right now. i’ve mostly been working on Clean Burn furnaces. they burn waste oil from the heavy equipment and trucks. i spent a couple days fixing the cardboard baler.  nothing i did actually fixed any problems but it just sorta started working again. i still don’t know what happened it seems like it was just a computer glitch that fixed itself.

i went on a tour of the Pressure ridges near Scott Base. the first 15 pics are from the pressure ridges. the ridges form near where the sea ice and glacial ice meet. as the two types of ice move and grow they push against each other forcing some of the ice upwards making the ridges. they come and go each yearand are constantly changing so they’re never the same.

today i went for a short hike to hutt point. this is where one of the for explorers to visit anarctica built a small building to survive the down here. the rest of the pics are from here. the bird is a skua which basically an internationally protected seagull even though its not even close to being endangered. when they dive bomb you cause your carrying food your not technically supposed to defend yourself but your also not supposed to feed them. there just annoying.


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